HomeGoods is the new fabric store…

I have to say that since my Cecile Bahnsen inspired quilt coat make, I’m always going into HomeGoods now looking for items to refashion: curtains, sheets, tablecloths, and, my personal favorite, quilts and throws. (Someone with expertise in grammar please let me know if I just overdid it with the commas in that last sentence!)

A few weeks ago, I was in HomeGoods on an unrelated task and these quilts caught my eye! I automatically thought that it could make something cute, especially with the ruffles. I wasn’t sure what yet but I grabbed one. It was only $20! I knew it couldn’t be another coat. I wanted it to be a little different, a little unexpected. I mean it is summer time. Why not shorts? Why not a set? Why not a sweatshirt? DONE! Quilted short set it was!! But I needed another quilt, STAT!! Availability at HomeGoods is not guaranteed and it had been over a week since I got the last quilt. I quickly drove to HomeGoods after work the day I decided another quilt praying the whole way that there was another! “Please be there, please be there!,” as I did my quick hurried short stepped shuffle from my car to the store and the quilt aisle!! The universe was on my side and wanted this set made!!

It gives summertime comfy sleepover-wear. It gives “I know it’s summertime but I still wanna be cozy”. It gives “I’m wearing my sleeping bag but it’s cute”. It gives cuddle cozy but I run cold in warmer months chic.

The shorts are Purl Soho’s City Gym Shorts. I made as-is and aligned the bottom of the shorts with the end of the ruffles.

The sweatshirt is Grainline Studio’s Linden Sweatshirt. I made the shorts first so that I can try them on and figure out where I wanted the ruffles to fall. I added a center front and center back seam so that I can use the rounded edges of the quilt for the corners. Those seams didn’t quite align but alas. I made the back longer than the front and closed the sides so that the front side seams overlapped the back. I also made the short sleeve version and slashed and spread so that the sleeves were wider. I used some of the leftover ruffles as bias binding for the sleeve hem and the collar. I should’ve made the collar binding a smidge smaller but I’ll note for next time.

I have enough left over for more so TBD!!!!!

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  1. robbie says:

    How gorgeous–how creative!


    1. Thank you so much!!!


  2. Chris Schwab says:

    Very cute! Great way to use interesting textiles. Hmm..may have to check older linens hiding in the cabinets


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