Livin’ in Linen :: Part 2

You ever see a fabric SO pretty that you go crazy?!?! That you order it from halfway across the globe and get like 7 yards of it because you don’t want to get it and love it even more but then realize you didn’t get enough? No? I went into sicko mode and ordered this GORGEOUS tie dye linen from Tessuti Fabrics a few months ago.

I vaguely knew that I wanted to make another light hoodie and thought would be perfect. Figured I’d make something or two to match. I’m not sure! 7 meters! Ring me up!!

I have had this circle wrap skirt in mind for the longest as well so I’d make that and I’d a lot of fabric for that! Kirsten of K Makes Things on IG had a pattern for a wrap circle skirt that I’d gotten a while ago. Sadly, she no longer sells that pattern. Sorry!! I’m sure there are other wrap circle skirt patterns out. Should probably be pretty do-able to make a regular circle skit pattern into a wrap skirt. BUT this linen is PERFECT for this skirt! It has a LONG wrap belt and flows like nobody’s business! And it doesn’t even wrinkle up that badly. I just love it!! Maybe I should get more?!?

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  1. Beautiful


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