Cecilie Bahnsen Inspired Wrap Coat

When I first saw this Cecilie Bahnsen wrap coat on Instagram, I loved it!! Like pause, enlarge, stare at, pin to Pinterest, and screenshot LOVE! I figured I would not be buying one with the start price being a cool $3,050 US American dollars. I didn’t even THINK about making my own until I saw Wendy make hers on YouTube from a discounted quilt she found at her local value store. Genius!!! GEN-I-US!!!!

I started to look for suitable quilts or fabric to fabricate my own, and as I’d have it, I found 2 denim quilts (50”x60” each) a week or two after at HomeSense for $20 each!! I couldn’t believe it! I gasped and looked around for someone to high five but I was shopping alone. I quickly SNATCHED these blankets up and walked my little legs to the register. I even asked a friend to look for one more at her local HomeGoods in case I needed more material.

These were more than perfect! Had I really fashioned my own quilted material for this, I probably would’ve chosen a denim and I would’ve loved a quilting pattern like this already done on these quilts.

Wendy used a boxy jacket she already had as a guide to cut out her coat. I tried this and made a mock top from muslin and it was NOT hitting! I needed a pattern. I was NOT cutting into this beautiful quilt without being sure of the shape I’d get. I, luckily, posted my plans on IG and an amazing sewing friend recommended the best patterns as bases in like 5 minutes!! I went onto my trusted sources online (eBay, etsy, and Amazon) and quickly found both Simplicity 7181 (as the base for the bodice) and Butterick 3528 (as the base for the sleeves).

View D of the Simplicity pattern had the drop shoulder I needed so I just made 2 front pieces that overlapped. The Butterick pattern had the billowy sleeves I wanted. That’s literally all I took from there. The only other thing I needed was a similar chambray denim to make A LOT of bias binding. I found the perfect match at Mood Fabrics. I initially missed this denim because the side showing not the bolt was it’s darker side. But guess who wasn’t leaving Mood without something matching? This gal!!! I looked and looked and looked a third time. I kept going back to this although it was a bit darker and I kept comparing it to the quilt and happened to flip it over and WAIT a minute! This is exactly it!!! I gasped. My eyes bulged and looked around for someone to high five. (Cue Keith Sweat, NOBODY!) I grabbed a yard and a half and trotted home a satisfied girl as I waited for the patterns to come in.

Seven long days later, the patterns came in and I went to work! Literally, working on this everyday for a week. I won’t go into crazy detail about the construction but there are a few things I want to highlight that were particular to making this as close to original as possible. It was sewn wrong side together and the seams were closed with binding showing on the outside. The shoulders are drop and flat fell. All the other seams are left kind of sticking out. I added pockets and that was tricky boots to bind their openings and the side seams on the outside. Other than that, this is a bit poufier than the original but I LOOOOVE HER!!!!