About Me

/daff-nee boo-tin/

 Creating is my prayer.

My mom can make ANYTHING! (Fact, not opinion.) She worked in the Fashion District for over 20 years. I would cut her paper patterns and serge edges of pieces after school before she got home so she could have a head start on more sewing when she got home from her day job. I lingered when she had fittings at home and made myself useful by passing her pins, when really, I was absorbing EVERYTHING. I would take her scraps and make scrunchies for my friends in high school. (I think I just dated myself.) I guess I learned how to sew and make things through osmosis.

I went to NYU for Economics and Math. I started working, not in Economics nor Math. I decided to go back to school for Fashion Design at Parsons. I was going to be the next Donna Karan! Things happened and I settled on it being what I do on the side, so here we are, a few short dog years later: my thing on the side!!

PS……..I also take pictures on the side as well.

My photography website can be found here.