On Working with Mood Fabrics

Quick recap of my April, May, and June collaborations with Mood!!

I love Mood Fabrics! I’ve loved Mood Fabrics for a long time. When I was taking Fashion Design courses at Parsons back in *ACHOO*, I was introduced to Mood and I would walk thru the aisles as if it were FAO Schwartz. Then, of course, they were the main supplier for Project Runway. I even took a free course there a couple of years back.

When their call went out looking for sewing blogger collaborators, I did not hesitate! WHAT?!??! This is what I’d been waiting for (in my head). This was my time to shine (in my head). I would Project Runway myself! Each month would be an opportunity to create a project that, I’d imagine, would be critiqued by Tim Gun and Heidi Klum (I know there’s a new duo now but I’m from the Project Runway old school) and paraded down the runway with my imaginary designer counterparts.

To be totally honest, I did have one hesitation and it lasted about a minute and 27 seconds. Covid!! With everyone going into isolation and lockdown, I was wondering if now was the right time. Would I be able to go out to take pics? Would I have time with working from home? Would anyone care??! Including myself. Would I be able to muster enough interest to complete this obligation? I decided to take the opportunity and I’m SO glad that I did. It was the most welcome distraction!!

I was ELATED to receive the email that I’d been accepted and I instantly messaged my sisters, my parents, my group chat of best girlfriends, my childhood bestie, EVERYONE!

In the end, I am so happy that I decided to work with Mood for these past 3 months. Having this commitment to concentrate on has been great to get my mind off of current events. It’s also pushed me to take on more complex projects and elevate my sewing. I pushed myself to do more and I’ve loved what I came up with each time.

I had a chance to interact with Courtney Morris over at Mood and she was GREAT!!! Always super responsive and super helpful and supportive. The packages were always expedited, which my impatient self LOVED! The added perks were amazing and they even threw in a $50 gift certificate that I could use as a giveaway to my followers. Who doesn’t love a giveaway? I had so much fun doing that! All in all, I would absolutely recommend any sewing blogger to apply and participate. I took a few months off to take care of some personal tasks but I look forward to joining them again soon!!

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