Issa Mooood!!!

My first Mood Fabrics collaboration that is! (If dad jokes came in blog post titles, guess who would win?)

GUYS…………..the self-imposed PRESSURE!!!! With this month being the first month as a Mood Sewing Network blogger, I wanted the inaugural project to be mind-blowing! I had to show OUT! It had to be good, I said.

But guess what? Crickets. Tumbleweed. I couldn’t think of anything!!! No fabric seemed right and nothing would come to mind. I think I even said, “I’ve made everything that I wanted to make.” (It’s been determined that that was a lie!)

Until one Saturday night, I sat down and turned on the Golden Girls, and thought, “No pressure! What fabrics look fun on the site?” HOT DOG! I saved dozens of fabrics, ordered a few swatches and settled on THIS polka-dotted premium printed denim cotton!!! (Don’t forget that I have a 10% off code for Mood Fabrics :: MSNDB44)

Once I’d decided on that, I took to my Instagram saves and my Pinterest boards and scrolled thru for something that would say, “ Daphney!! Wait, wait, wait! Make ME!!” That’s usually how it goes, I promise! I have to trust that I’ll know it when I see it and I have to feel it. Like F-E-E-L it! Like do I really want to haunt my own self with the thought that I coulda, woulda, shoulda made something that’s obviously calling me in need? Daphney says no to THAT!

And, sure enough, I didn’t have to scroll far! This Christian Siriano beauty spoke up!!

HELLLLO! Making a version of this bodice would be SO cute in this cotton, which was more like a shirting, so definitely on the thinner side. I had to think about support, possibly boning and lining, and the closure. I wasn’t super excited about installing a zipper with this, especially if I had to line it and the fit had to be on the sharpest point!!! I wasn’t trying to do all of that. I did still want it to be somewhat casual (HA, it was determined that what now?! WAS A LIE!) As my bestie Gen would say, “you’re the only person I know who will abandon an extra idea to only be MORE extra!” **shrug emoji** It’s a skill I say! So I decided that I would make the bodice into a top, with shaping (but not too much), and I would also make it into a wrap top with LONG ties for D-RAMA!

Luckily, I already had this Vogue 9350 pattern in my collection. Omit sleeves. Cut bodice to fashion the neckline in the front and back. Add darts to the back bodice. Drape “sleeves”. Add wrap ties and a slit for tie to go thru on the right side. Fully line with self and that’s it!!!

And now a few notes on this project:

The Fabric – SO GOOD!! Loved it! It is a lighter shirting weight with the slightest silkiness to it. NO stretch but molds really well. Very great quality.

The Pattern – Happy with this choice! I started a velvet dress with this so I was familiar. I cut and muslined the bodice and used that to modify and make my pattern.

Extras – made 2 bows (9″x46″) for the sleeves and lined. I also made to ties to wrap (6″x80″) and lined that too. These quickly ate up the 4 yards of material that I got but I didn’t want the underside showing at all.

FUN FACT :: I’m just realizing that I have to put on perfume if I put on makeup! We’re dressing up right? I need perfume then.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kristi says:

    Your top looks even better than the dress top. More practical and I love the color.


    1. Thank you!! Wasn’t sure I could recreate it but loving this more!


  2. Fairy Godmother ! says:

    Simply (pun intended) to die for!


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