Sunshine & Rain?

Girl, I don’t know! LOL. I’m running out of clever blog titles. But figured the bright yellow top playing in the hydrant kinda worked.

This post won’t be too wordy. I made this top from in March when I first went into isolation. I had been looking for more time to sew and the 4+ hours I gained not commuting and get ready had me on sewing marathons!! I hadn’t posted yet because I had other season appropriate apparel made that I posted and a few assignments but now? I looked and decided it didn’t have to wait for fall or winter inspired posts. I picked up this linen blend floral from Mood Fabrics because it was stunning and instantly caught my eye. It also looked really airy and great for the coming months. (It was in store but I couldn’t find it online unfortunately.)

The pattern is Big Four and it was pretty quick and straight forward. I always love a flowy, blousy top and the larger sleeves and cuffs make it comfortable but dressy. The deep front opening makes it sexy but the closure makes it moderate so it’s “moderately sexy”.

ByDaphney Fact :: Today is my friend Shani’s birthday. She was sunshine. The year she passed away (rain), a group of her friends, including myself, went skydiving on her birthday to celebrate her life. I went skydiving again two months after that because I loved it so much! She loved birthdays and celebrating her family and friends on their birthdays. I started doing more of what I wanted to do, including sewing, because of her and wanting to enjoy as much of this life as possible while here!! Happy Birthday Shani!

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