Twofer Tuesday!

Well, this post should be nice and quick and easy: I LOVE MIMI G PATTERNS!!! Bye!

I mean really. These patterns were easy to follow and practically fool proof. I made almost no adjustments and when I say these pants fit like a dream! Deep REM smiling in your sleep dream! Making pants has scared me since fashion school but these are just amazing!

Back in February, I’d won a gift certificate from I See Fabric on Instagram. I luckily had enough to get some organic French terry that I made this sweatshirt hack from as well as some beautiful cotton chambray that is unfortunately no longer available, it seems. I wasn’t sure what I’d make but I just grabbed my standard 4 yards. So glad I did! It’s a super pretty linen looking and linen feeling fabric. I was flipping thru my patterns and thought this coordinated set (Simplicity 9114) would be real nice in it! I halfway cringed at making pants (then) but I was determined to conquer pants making and I hope to be a pant-making fool (now)!! The only adjustment I made to this was add 4″ to the waist tab to accommodate for my quarantine waist fullness. **shrug emoji**


This is the inside. I like CLEAN finishes so I did French seams where I could.

The plaid for this top is old old! I grabbed it from Joann’s back in summer of 2018! I had plans to make a button up shirt with it but not a regular one so it just sat around until this pattern (Simplicity 8889) came out and thought it would be really cute! I hadn’t planned to pair it with anything in particular but in my head it worked with the slacks from Simplicity 9114. Looking forward to wearing this combo when I go back to work.

Fun Fact :: My mom worked in the fashion industry for decades! She’s my walking sewing encyclopedia!! I send her pics of all of my projects. When I sent her progress pics of this top, she exclaimed, “Thank God! The seams match!” LOL. I sent a screen shot to my bestie Gen, and she added, “That explains a lot!” HAHAHAHAHA. Sigh. I love my people!

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