Olivia Palermo Inspo Jacket

Olivia Palermo will forever be a style inspiration for me!!! What I wouldn’t give to do a Supermarket Sweep through her closet for 15mins. Do y’all remember that show?!?! Not sure what fascinated me so about dashing and grabbing through a supermarket but I would watch it all the time as a kid!

While perusing one of my fave resources (Pinterest!), I came across this oh so casual pic of Olivia Palermo in a striped jacket.

This jacket caught my eye for a few reasons! 1. The blue and white stipe is always a fave of mine! I should count how many items I have in my closet in blue and white stripes. You’d be either impressed or confused. 2. The 3/4 sleeves! That’s been my thing lately. I like having a little sexy wrist actin showing and it allows for my stacked bracelets to be seen or for me to easily access my watch. 3. The ruffle! HELLO! We already KNOW that I love a ruffle detail. 4. What I thought was a knit bomber collar. HAHA. Let’s take a closer look, shall we…….

It wasn’t until I found the 3rd pic later on that I realized that my eyes had deceived me!! It was not a jacket collar at all. It was the collar to her blouse. WELLLLLLL, too late! My mind had already seen and loved the knit collar. I couldn’t go back now. It just didn’t feel the same!! 5. One last detail that caught my eye was the flat front on the ruffle portion. Shall we take a look??!? LOL

You see how that front part there is flat before it starts to ruffle? UGH! So cute it HURTS!!

On to the juicy details:

PATTERN :: Butterick 6328. View C. Size 14. (I replaced the collar. Omitted the pockets (I know! I know! How could I?!?) and adding ruffling at the waist line)

FABRIC :: Mood Fabrics :: 3yds of a striped specialty red & white striped for the jacket, half yard of an Italian rib for the bomber like collar (I can’t find either online unfortunately but there are great alternatives!!), and some chambray to make the bias tape binding.

FINAL THOUGHTS :: I loved the original but I also love this red and white striped version. I used to get so married to the thought of reproducing something exactly that I’d stall myself and my projects. I go for likeness now with my spin on things and I end up liking my remakes so much better!!

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