Winner, Winner……Lobster Dinner!!!

As long as you’re not working against a shellfish allergy, lobster sounds like more of a winner dinner to me, no?!?

Back in mid-February, I won an IG giveaway!! I’ve never won anything before in my life!! But I won a pattern from Friday Pattern Company and a gift certificate from I See Fabric. The reference picture was The Wilder Gown hacked into a sweatshirt using the organic French terry from I See Fabric and, funny enough, I didn’t have the pattern for The Wilder Gown. So I got that and a couple of yards of the organic French Terry in Terra-Cotta, as well as a few yards of a super cute chambray (which I’ve already made into something, but that’ll come later)!

Once the fabric came, it was time for some action! I’d already ordered the pattern using I’m not always up for piecing patterns together guys. (I’m becoming less and less so actually) Sometimes, I just wanna get to it. I’ll say this, the pattern came together SO quickly and easily!! I did it all in 2 days. I cut the pattern and fabric one night and sewed everything up in a couple of hours the next day.

This is sweatshirt is super comfy and the organic French terry fabric is super cozy!! I think I could’ve gotten away making the medium size and I’ll definitely make it with longer sleeves next time as well.

FUN FACT :: I have an unreasonable number of sweatshirts. I don’t even wear them with the frequency that they’d require to properly get the wear out of the amount that I own, but I LOVE them, clearly!! They’re so snuggly and warm and I always have in my head that I can just throw them on when coming from a workout, but I actually hate the feeling of the inside of a sweaty sweatshirt, you know what I mean? The little loopy soft curls of the inner sweatshirt drenched with body water and now sticking and not so snuggly. RIGHT??! **looking for cohorts** Right?!? I’m particular.

And someone please tell my sister that I do NOT have AC Slater hair!!!!!

Jeans | Paige Denim Margot Ultra Skinny

Sneakers | Nike Huarache City High (not sure this colorway is still around in stores but there are a few on eBay)

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