True Bias Nikko Dress Remix

No lie, I have 5 True Bias patterns in my stash waiting to get made up. When Kelli reached out about participating in their fall photo collaboration, I had to double check what I had and decide what I wanted to make for the collaboration. I kept looping back to the Nikko Dress, which I, surprisingly, did not have it in my collection. It looked like such a great pattern to make for this time of year. Something you could layer and has enough coverage for when the temps drop a bit but also that you can wear on its own if the weather tricks you and gets warmer out of the blue. You all know how much I love to put my touch on patterns to make it my own, so I thought about adding a crossover element to the skirt bottom and making it fuller. I also didn’t want the crossover flaps to be on the same side, meaning left over right on both sides or vice versa, that makes sense. Wah, you’ll see in the pics!

Initial Sketch

So, a couple of steps were needed to accomplish this:

  • Measure where I wanted waist to drop down to. (literally measured from high point shoulder to where I wanted drop waist to hit and added seam allowance)
  • Extend skirt length 2 inches (I wanted the hem to hit me at the ankles)
  • Measure how far I wanted the skirt to wrap over (settled on 4″ from the side seam)

So I essentially cut off the bottom skirt of the pattern, did a slash and spread, added 4 inches to the width (Note to self, I should’ve slashed and spread the 4 inches I added on to give even MORE fullness and movement), and added 2 inches to the hem, and I cut out 4 pieces. I sewed 2 pieces together and aligned the seams of the skirt to the side seams of the bodice. I then layered right over left in the front then left over right in the back. I sewed it all up and TA DA!! Easy!

A note on the fabric!!! O. M. G!!!!! AH-mazing!!! The sturdiest. The yummiest. The softest. The good amount of strethy-est. I can’t say enough. I am SO glad I got extra because I’m going to make as much as I can out of it. I got it from LA Finch Fabrics and it’s their Famous Maker Small Stripe Knit. And their customer service was fantastic!! Some of the best I’ve ever experienced.

Hope this was helpful! Please reach out if you give this a try and have any questions!

Special thanks again to Kelli for reaching out to participate in this collaboration! It was SO much fun!!

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