ah-MUSE-ing myelf!

I really do amuse myself quite a bit! You’d think I was an only child. (I’m actually the eldest of 3 girls.)

I was so graciously gifted this Muse pattern by P&M Patterns this summer. This is one of the clearest and most detailed patterns I’ve ever used! At every step, there was a clear explanation and notes I’d want to keep in mind. This pattern had so many variations that it took me a few days to decide how I wanted to sew this up. I was still in my figuring out mode when I came across this Anna Sui print at Mood’s NYC store. (not on their website, sorry!)

Guys!!!! He opened it and I saw the white panel on one side and thought, “UGH!” but then thought, “Wait a minute! This could be real cute somehow!” Even the clerk helping me had to flip it around and check to make sure it was one bolt and not mixed up somehow. My made my little way home already thinking I could use this for the Muse pattern. But in my mind, the white panel part would be at the bottom and form the hem of the skirt for the dress. As I thought about it, it just didn’t quite HIT you know? So I kept stalling on cutting it out. I stared at it one night. Then I flipped it. (I learned to do that in some art and photography classes: flip the image around and see how it made me feel) BIN-GO!!!!! I’d make the straps and part of the upper bodice out of the white section! Now it was hittin’!!

In my head, I wanted more butterfly to show but I really wanted the black and white border to hit at the apex so I lost the butterfly effect especially as i neared the side bust and back. Blah. that’s ok. I also opted to add a ruffle at the bottom but I didn’t shorten it to the recommended length to do that. I left it at full length and then added the ruffle. I like longer length dresses and ruffles. Adds more drama to me.

I lined the bodice front and back with self and didn’t line the skirt and it came out great to me. it’s light and airy but structured at the top. If it looks the slightest bit baggy in the bodice, blame it on my Peloton. I tried it on after I finished it and installed the zipper and it was perfect!! It took about a week or week and a half before I could shoot these pictures and in that time, I’d deflated a bit. LOL. I’m less inclined to take it in just yet because I don’t mind it so much. No one gets flashed and I may swell up again by the time the weather comes around to where I can wear this again.

I would absolutely make this again and I would absolutely get more patterns from P&M Patterns. Thank you so much again for the pattern!

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  1. SewRuthieStyle says:

    what a clever use of the print, I think you look fabulous!


    1. Thank you so much!! I really wanted to highlight this beautiful print and use the white panel creatively.


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