Green with LOVE!

I made this ensemble for my good friend’s wedding 2 years ago. The beginnings of it are a little fuzzy to be honest with you. (The beginnings of the outfit that is, not the wedding! HA) **thinking face emoji** I know for sure that I had no idea what I would make. This kind of happened in reverse of my norm. I got the material and draped the outfit. There was no sketch or inspiration to work from. I want to say I was looking for fabric for another project when I came across this micropleated fabric at one of my favorite stores on 39th St in Midtown NYC. It reminded me so much of the Andrea Iyamah dresses going around at the time. So if anything was an inspiration, it was that for the skirt, and the top really was draped with leftovers.

This is a recent design. After I made mine.

And the color of my fabric is a sage green, not green green. I always have sage at home to burn to ward off bad energies. And it reminds me of the Haitian Kreyol word for gentle, saj. **heart eyes emoji**

So there isn’t much I can say on the making of this. I draped the skirt on a mannequin and added a waistband with a wide elastic in a matching sage satin. (It’s only been 2 years and I’ve been working out a ton so thought it would be swimming on me………dare I say it was a bit SNUG!!!) I used the selvedge edge as the hem because it worked for the skirt to me. I then used what was left over to drape the top right on the mannequin. I just let it flow and went with it. The beauty of this fabric also is that it DOES NOT WRINKLE!!! It had been folded up in my closet since that day and I pulled it out and unraveled it and it was perfect!! I also spilled white wine on it that day and it dried up in like 20mins! As a two-fer, I also attended the baptism party for one of my bestie’s baby girl! So sage green is my new color for L-O-V-E love!!!!

I’ll upload a couple of pics from that day. I didn’t take many myself as I was running around and having fun and not nearly as comfortable taking pics of myself in my makes as I am now, which isn’t ALL that comfortable as it is now, but it was extra awkward back then. Either way………I reshot it because it wasn’t properly documented and it is a make that I love very much.

THEN…….Blame iPhone for this fuzzy pic. #teamAndroidnowAgain. Awkward pose by yours truly

And funny story about when I went to go reshoot this! I had my assistants (aka sisters) with me. One was taking the pics and the other was in my car NOT assisting. We were out of the way taking pics in front of closed storefronts in a corner and she noticed and poked around for like 4 minutes. Literally! I noticed her and it was making me chuckle. She even moved in closer to see better. No shame in her game. We got back to the car and asked, “Betty, did you see the woman peeking at us?” She responded, “Did I? I got the footage!” After shouts of glee, we referenced a line from The Wiz, as we often do, where the Tin Man says to the Scarecrow and Dorothy, “That beast. He’s checkin us out.” SO many situations can be referenced to The Wiz!!

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