Alexa, Play Kanye’s Workout Plan

That’s the first song that came to mind but I’m not following anything of Kanye’s, just so we’re clear.

I have been super consistent with my current workout. (proud smile) I got a Peloton bike at the start of isolation and I’ve been on it more days than not each week. I kind of have to force rest days actually. I’m finding the more I work out, the more I want to work out. My muscles crave the burn and, of course, seeing results is great daily motivation. In the past, I normally would work out with a short-term goal in mind, like to look nice to go on vacation. But now, it’s been to tire myself out to sleep better, to relieve stress and anxiety, to keep my body busy to quiet my brain, and long term health and to get a little healthy competition. To that end, I’ve been in workout clothes A LOT!! My routine has become to wake up and just put on workout clothes while I work-from-home so that I can be ready if I get a lull in my schedule or to jump on the bike right after I’ve logged off. And nothing motivates me to work out like cute gear!!! Even if it’s just me home alone on my bike.

I purchased a Big Four leggings pattern on sale months ago knowing I’d want to try my hand at it one day. In my head, I could make my own lululemon or Nike-esque leggings and I could save a GRIP on one of my favorite items of clothing. I’d seen and been following The Axis Tank by Sophie Hines hashtag on Instagram for a while and it came up on my timeline and I thought it would make the cutest top in an athletic set. So I went rummaging thru my patterns and pulled out the leggings pattern. Now to pick the fabric. I like color and pattern in my workout gear and I also like to mix and match basic and solid colors. That’s part of the fun to me but if I’m going to make my first workout set, guess what? You’re gonna SEE me!!! I wanted unique and fun so I went and Spoonflower and found this happy tie-dye pattern (think Bob Ross happy). I ordered 2 yards in the sport lycra for both the top and the leggings.

The Axis Tank whipped up FAST!!!! OMGosh! I’m going to make SO. MANY. MORE. OF. THESE!!!! My only hiccup was my sewing machines not wanting to zig-zag stitch on this stretchy material. Both machines (Singer and BabyLock) decided they were not about that life and were seizing up on me and making grinding knocking noises. I’d actually finished most of the top and was just topstitching the collar and armholes. It was so bad that I thought I’d have to bring both to the shop and be machine-less for months! It was too much to bear (dramatic back of hand to forehead) so I stepped away before I mangled my top and jumped on my Peloton for the rest of the night. I literally did like 8 classes back to back and rode for 2 hours. The next day, I returned calm and sore and decided to clean out my bobbin area and rethread my machine and switch the bobbin I’d been using. Girl, I don’t know but it worked!!! I did find a broken needle in my bobbin area but I don’t think that was the problem. I’d fixed it and that’s what mattered. I finished the top and prayed as I sewed up the leggings and the sewing gods smiled down on me and allowed me to finish my set! The leggings pattern was pretty standard. I had to match the pattern pieces a bit with the tie-dye motif and I left out the elastic in the waistband. I wanted them to fit like my Nike leggings so I took a bit out of the waistband so that it fits nice and snug.

Disclaimer :: this set has NOT been tested and put thru a full workout yet!!! I’ll report back on that part. I’ll let you know if it falls apart on me. Luckily, I’ll be home alone and can properly put it thru the ringer without fear of exposing myself to a whole spin class full of people.

I have worn just the tank out with high-waisted jeans and it was a hit! Got a few compliments on it. I think it’s great for mixing and matching too!! Ya girl is happy.

PS….I didn’t not buy the sneakers to match my fabric or vice versa. I guess I subconsciously stick to colors I like. These sneakers are old and were just in the back of my closet and they matched PERFECTLY!! Go subconscious mind!!

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  1. This came out looking so good! I love that you picked a vibrant color/pattern.


    1. Thank you!! I was taken by this fabric right away! Gives a little extra motivation to work out.


  2. says:

    Excellent jobs on the outfit and the Pelotin workouts. Your figure shows off the clothing nicely.


    1. Thank you so much!! Trying to use my time social distancing productively both in hobbies and health. This kind of mixed both!


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