Summers are for……..

……wearing white and wearing seersucker. Wearing white seersucker is even better yes?

I’ve had the pattern for this dress for a WHILE! I feel like I say that quite a bit but kudos to me for working thru my stash, no? I originally bought it because of Martha of Buried Diamond. I LOVE her bright fabric selections and detail pairings! She has her aesthetic down and I seriously love everything that she makes.

The white seersucker is from Fashion Fabric Club. I purchased it with no real plans in mind. I would guesstimate when I bought it that I’d make a dress but you never know with me! It could’ve well ended up as a button down shirt with short shorts set. Hmmmmm *thinking face emoji** Note to self!

Either way, this was a pretty seamless make except for that fact that I cut it one size too small. DOH. What happened was (1) I looked at the finished measurements and not wanting to end up with something too roomy or with too much ease (which the Big 4 is known for), I decided to cut a 12 instead of a 14. WELP. It was fitted alright! I tried it on periodically throughout the sewing process and it was downright SSSSSSSSNUG! Suck it in and do not even think of imbibing an ounce of water snug. And (2) I’ve been going hard on my Peloton y’all!! I’ve trimmed down a bit and in my mind, I should make a size down because I’m slimming up. HA! HAAAAAA! I have slimmed down but my measurements haven’t changed too much, which I’m happy about. I think I’m more toned and more muscular. And I’ve never had an hour glass shape but I didn’t want to define my mid-section more and I’m happy to report that I’ve lost nearly 3 inches off of my waist. **happy smirk** #bodybypeloton

Only thing that could save me after my misjudging was the button placket! That would add a little bit and thankfully, I JUST made it with the added button placket! PHEW. Can’t imagine I’ll stay this size forever so I’ll have to get another pattern to make other sizes when necessary. I’m a cutter. I don’t trace my patterns anymore and these are the hazards us cutters face.

Verdict :: I love it!! I love the silhouette and the added piping detail. I went with clear buttons to not take away from the all white feel. I should’ve gone with white buttons but used what I had on hand right now.

It’s comfortable and looks so feminine!! And the all white feels so fresh and summer light. My next make of this will be more colorful, I’d predict. Stay tuned!!!

Slides are not made for fake salsa dancing!
Mosquitoes find me anywhere!

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