My Catch Up Game

I’m normally good for a couple of things: (1) starting multiple projects and finishing just a few, and (2) HOARDING sewing patterns and fabric. When I really started sewing more seriously and more frequently, I made a promise to myself that I would NOT start multiple projects thereby overwhelming myself to ergo not completing a damn thing. I’m proud of myself because I’ve been pretty good with that! As for the hoarding…………….I’m conquering one thing at a time.

Back in 2017, one of my fave IG-ers (who, I just found out while gathering links for this blog, is no longer on IG!!! She literally posted within the past 2 weeks and now her account is gone! **sad emoji**) posted about her progress as she made this McCall’s 7627 Laura Ashley pattern in the top version in an indigo chambray with woven holes from Stylish Fabric. This was a few years ago so the fabric is no longer available.

One thing this isolation has afforded me is plenty of time to catch up on projects I had building up. This being one of them. I have been looking at this fabric for 3 years and thinking how pretty it will be once sewn up. I snatched this off of the shelf quickly and decided that it was time!!!!

This was a pretty quick make. It took about a week from cutting to handstitching the cuffs. I would definitely make this top again and I would absolutely make the dress version as well. One note: my forearms are massive. The cuff band looked a little small to me so I luckily measured it before cutting etc and I added a little more for ease but it is still too small!! Could be all the working out I’m doing. **flexes muscles** Got my forearms BULKY!!! Haha

As for the fabric, it was great to work with but it does bleed pretty badly. My fingers were blue. I don’t know if that’s just how it is or because it’s been sitting around for 3 years. Speaking of sitting around, it did get some fold lines from sitting around that long but that’s my bad. Maybe I should’ve rolled it up? Or maybe I just should’ve used it closer to when I purchased it. Either way, it’s something I have to watch for when wearing it with white like in these pics!!

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