Lots of cool!

In my new culottes!

How long can these corny titles last? 🤷🏾‍♀️ But I’m obviously going to keep at it until I can’t no more!

To the culottes!!!!!! I had these Winslow Culottes by Helen’s Closet on my mile long To Make list for a while but when I saw Jolene’s version, I had to skip it to the tippy top!

It looks like a skirt but it’s not. It looks like a jumpsuit but it’s not! The ultimate catfish outfit! SOLD!! And I was starting a new job and wanted to make snazzy new work wear. What snazzes like culottes? You tell me!

I ordered three different colors of Telio Misora Crepe de Chine from Fabric.com: Rust, Navy, and Black. I got 4 yards of each color so I have enough to make pants and a matching catfish top!

I started with the Rust color in the 3/4 length and haven’t gotten to the top yet because when I tried it on, I couldn’t wait to wear! The pattern was easy to follow and I made not one adjustment! It fits like a dream! Can’t wait to make the other colors. One will be full length and I’ll make another 3/4 length. I’m not into culotte shorts so much. For now. But I like the option of it still.

And as a bonus, I had made the mud cloth vest too last year by roughly tracing a boxy top. My little handmade wardrobe is coming together!!

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