Not So Mellow Yellow

This dress was to be part of my Cartagena wardrobe for a trip back in May. Figured I could whip it up fast enough. No! Not quite.

It’s the popular Vogue 9357 pattern that made the rounds a couple of months ago. I chose View C in size 14 and left off the buttons.

I picked up this beautifully vibrant yellow linen fabric from JoAnn’s. The color is actually called “mimosa”!!! Mimosa!! I love mimosas! The fabric is beautiful and airy but sturdy. But it gives a lot on the bias so the bodice started to wrap a bit. A lot! I remember looking at it and saying, forget this dress. And then I remembered my, “abandon no project” rule. I said I’d fix it and if anything, this would be a wearable muslin. On top of the bias stretch, I also had to adjust for my short torso so I had to take in 2″ from both the front and back bodice.

My mom did remark that the bust darts were too long but they aren’t, I took up the excess from the upper bodice panel so everything shifted up. Note to self for next time! But no one notices if you keep moving and dancing and shaking!

You don’t even notice, do you?!?

I did not get to finish it for Cartagena but I was determined to finish this when time allowed. It’s a wonderful pattern and I know now what I need to adjust for my body. The fit was otherwise perfect and it’s very flirty and cute with such movement! I’ll definitely be making this again! And this version is way more than a wearable muslin!

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