Bubble Frock & Wrap Skirt Hack

Boy has it been a while since I’ve made anything. I needed a very special outfit for a very special event today and as per usual, nothing in my closet would do. Although I have been making as much, I’ve still been accumulating fabric so I looked to my stash to make this set. One of my favorite makers, Susan, was clearing out her stash last year and I was able to grab a few yards each of this beautiful seersucker fabric in fuchsia, tangerine and white.

For the top, I chose the Bubble Frock pattern by Lydia Naomi. I, naturally, wanted to add some of my touches to it, so why not another layer of ruffles? More. It needs to be pouffy, so need to add tulle between the layers. More! Add one pouffy sleeve. More!!!! Add tulle to the inside of the sleeve for added UMPHHHH! MORE!!!!! Replace the zipper with ties!!! Yeah, that’s it!!! And make it all in 3 days!!! **crying face emoji** Ruffles are great until you have to gather it all and hem it all. I’m crying wolf now because I’m always complaining about ruffles but then I stay making clothes with more and more ruffles.

The skirt wasn’t decided on and made until the day before! I made the Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt before here, but this time, I decided to make the wrap front at an angle. I just folded one side at the desired angle and cut the same piece for the left and the right sides. If I’m being honest, I could’ve made it with a bit less flare but that’s a usual silhouette for me. Gotta switch it up, no?

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