But of course there’s more lace…

When a fabric is this pretty, just know that I’m getting enough to make a couple of pieces from it. I usually don’t even have a plan. I just need to get it to “store,” not hoard. (I felt like I needed to make that important distinction.)

My original plan was to make a wrap skirt of sorts with this Zimmerman eyelet lace from Mood. Actually, I think the plan was to make a linen wrap skirt with a thick lace border but then I saw this and just decided to make the whole skirt from the lace. I did entertain looking for a linen in this tone but it would be insanely hard to match and it would drive me crazy if the colors didn’t match exactly. As it is, I bought more of this in another order and the dye lots were different.

For the pattern, I used Peppermint Magazine Wrap Skirt and made no adjustments. None were needed. It fits perfectly!

As a bonus, since I couldn’t double down on wearing this with my lace sweatshirt, I made a quick Lola Tank to go with it. OMG, I love this pattern! It’s crazy fast and the shape is amazing. I always loved a racerback but this is like a racerfront, no? (No?! Do we like saying racerfront? Jury’s out, fine.) This fabric is a light olive green knit from Joann Fabric I got a couple of months ago specifically to make this tank and a tank dress version. It’s a super soft and yummy bamboo knit!

Note to self: put on lip balm after I get dressed.

A note on my pictures: If they look different, it’s because I took these pictures while traveling and was without my trusted photographer, my gracious sister Angie. Ugh, I need to practice taking pics of myself. I’m not a fan but I had to do what I had to do. Looking forward to having her shoot my pics again. This is a public THANK YOU to Angie!

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