That’s a wrap!!!

The dress I mean. It’s not a wrap for summer makes for me. I think I can squeeze in a couple more outfits before the chilly weather really sneaks in. I mean, I think I got a little tan today while washing my car! I must have plenty of time!

After seeing a few sewists I follow on Instagram make this Mimi G wrap dress (Simplicity 9224), I had to make one too!

In all honesty, I’d gotten the fabric first from Minerva. I saw that they’d posted it on their social media and they had both a red and a black colorways. What could I do? I had to get them both. I thought they’d be cute in a wrap dress and then I saw dress come up on my timeline!!

The biggest issue here was the sizing drama, which as of my own doing! I took the finished measurements as the actual size measurements so I cut a size 10. Y’all! I JUST made it. It fits but I shouldn’t eat before I wear it. I should do a Peloton class before I wear it even. Every half inch counts!!! I’m going to get another pattern and make the correct size at some point. I believe the sleeve is meant to sit lower on the arms and the wrap over bodice a bit lower. It would just fit more comfortably if I cut one size bigger, you know? I might just make the reverse colorway for the redo. Stay tuned!!!!!

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