Vacation Babydoll Realness

Well, someone has some catching up to do! (Looks at self!) Anyone catch the Pose reference?!?! I’m binge watching.

I can’t believe that my last post was over 6 months ago. Best laid plans huh? A lot has happened in Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 8636that time my friends! Maybe I’ll do a life post at a later date, or maybe not. This page is for me to do with and I’m still navigating what and how much to share. Maybe I’ll blog some of my photography work and happenings too?!? TBD y’all. Weigh in on life shares if you’d like.

But to the sewing!!!!! In the midst of everything happening, I made a trip to Cartagena for Memorial Day. I had super grand plans to make a super cute, resort, vacay Cartagena appropriate collection. Tons happened and I think I made only 2 pieces. I was disappointed but had to show myself some grace. This was in fact supposed to be fun sewing, no?

HIGH on that list was this Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 8636 pattern! I interrupted another project to make this was this was a MUST MAKE for the trip. I instantly saw it in white with some cut off jeans and cute sandals. YUP! MUST MAKE.

I went off to Joann’s and found a great medium-ish weight linen. The -ish hangs on the heavy side. I actually thought it may have been too heavy when I was sewing this up. Thought it would weigh down the top and not moooooove how I envisioned it moving.

I pressed on. The ONE thing that held up this top! THE GATHERING!!!! I love them but I hate making them! I grumbled and complained and sulked but I gathered the little life out of this top and I would do it again! **shrugging emoji**

I tried this on at home and I LOVED it! I especially loved it in Cartagena. I wore it to walk around and explore the walled city area. It was SO cute and moved and gave a chic high-end looks to a fun flirty babydoll look, if that makes any sense.

The pattern was easy to follow and so clean on the inside. I would definitely make this top again. I made no modifications to the pattern. Not sure if I’d ever make the actual dress view. But just in case I do, all I did was fold up the pattern to cut out the top version. I can later unfold it to make a dress version if I so choose!!

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