For the love of……..

JUMPSUITS!!!!! (And the like! ie….rompers)

I, like so many others, endure the cons of jumpsuit-wearing for my love of their comfort and one-step dressing ability. I just know that going to the bathroom will be an ordeal but I gotta pay to play.

My sewing friend and inspiration Marica of @OverdriveAfter30 on IG ( has posted and made this pattern a few times and I’ve bookmarked them ALL as inspiration to make.

The pattern is by a Big Four pattern company and the fabric is from a popular craft store that I’m currently boycotting.

I really like this pattern but I would have to make some slight adjustments for me to LOVE it. I don’t have the most defined waist or hips so I’m thinking taking it in a smidge in the waist would help define it for me. I’m also short-waisted but it seems to hit in the right spot thankfully. I love the sleeves and flowy-ness of the pants. The fabric definitely added to the movement. I didn’t add to the pants legs, which I normally do, but it still hit at a decent length for me to wear with heels.

While we’re here, please visit for info on how to help in the fight to bring Breonna Taylor’s killers to justice.

You might get dizzy looking at this pattern too closely. I know I did!
When I realized I didn’t add in pockets! CRUD

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  1. csamples says:

    Stunning! Your fabric choice is spot on!


    1. Thank you so much! The fabric worked out perfectly! I love the movement it gave the jumpsuit.


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