Striped Knit Dress

In my mind, this was going to be a more casual sweater dress a la Mimi G.

Hers is from Forever 21 but she provided details on how to DIY it using her Annie sweater pattern.

I went to Mood Fabrics looking for a similar style sweater knit but had no such luck. The closest I could get was this thick Derek Lam cotton knit (not on their website but they still had a ton left).

No problem. I love thicker knits!

I started with the Annie cardigan pattern in an XS and further modified using Simplicity 1613‘s bodice pattern because I wanted this FITTED and wanted to do the least amount of correcting afterward. I omitted the bottom panel and lengthened the hem to 30″ from the waist. I also lengthened the sleeve length to 19.5″ from the shoulder and omitted the cuff.

Because I lengthened the dress, I had to lengthen the front band. I added extra and ended up leaving the extra length because I thought it was a cute style element. My mom says it’s makes no sense. 😂

I opted for a hook and eye tape closure beacuse I liked the clean uninterrupted look for the front band. I originally thought it might show too much decolletage but thought I’d add the closure before trying to adjust and I’m glad I did. This hook and eye closure snatched me up in the bust area nice and snug so no adjustments were needed! I also left off the front pockets and TA DA!! Issa dress!

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  1. Alice Wilson says:

    Hey Daphney,

    I love this make, and your herringbone three-quarter length coat, your green-sequined skirt, etc., I love All your things! Including your blog and blogging style.

    You said you have no idea how to blog but you speak very well so Voila! Just write your genuine speech, like you’re doing, and you’re a great blogger.

    Btw I came here is by way of @AngieJStyles whom I love too. You stylestresses are steadily bringing me onboard to take up my desire to sew that started way back in 7th grade.
    Keep up the fab work!


    1. Aaawww thank you so much!!! Your comment is very encouraging and so so appreciated! I love @AngieJStyles too!!

      Definitely start back up!! I’m having a blast so far and so happy I started back up with this hobby. I’d been thinking about it for a while myself!!


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