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Her Story

It’s no secret that I LOOOVE a good kimono! Make it bright. Make it dramatic! Practice whipping it to catch air as you walk! I own three, and am always on the look out for a new addition, or inspiration for making my own.

Have you ever (voice gets high) been walking down the street in the Fashion District and fabric just calls at you longingly into a shop?! “Look at me! Feel how luxurious I am! Buy me and make me into something pretty!” I couldn’t resist the pleas!! I bought 3 yards with a vague idea of making some long kimono-esque cover-up.

I know I wanted the kimono I crafted to look more classic in shape and have the drama of the traditional sleeves. It took quite a bit of time of us getting to know each other before I figured out how to put her together.

Even after I pinned her together just how I wanted, I was intimidated by the process of officially assembling her. She sat in my living room for a few weeks, just pinned up. Then I booked my vacation to Haiti and it was “GO!” time! She needed to get ready to come with me! There was no way I was going on this vacation without what I’d imagined to be the perfect beach cover.

I finished her with only hours to spare before needing to last-minute pack and leave for the airport. I didn’t even have time to take selfies in it and send to my sisters and Mom, like I normally do! Despite that, I knew it was perfect and I knew that I loved it!!


Pattern: No pattern, draped

Fabric: Embroidered Cotton with a linen look


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  1. klaugen says:

    Wow! It is sooo pretty! I love kimonos!
    Very good job!!

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    1. Thank you so much!! Appreciate it.

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  2. Keisha Bent says:


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Keisha!


  3. Marjorie Ulysse says:

    She’s calling my name….

    Hello, Darling!


    1. Just how the fabric called to me!!!


  4. Princess says:

    Saving up for this!


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