Obsessed with……


…….gift wrapping!!!!!

For me, wrapping and presenting a gift is just as important as the gift itself. That and including a card! (I got that from my Mom. If you give her a gift sans card, she’s not opening the gift! Learned that biting lesson one lazy Mother’s Day!)

One of my besties was celebrating a major birthday with a black and white themed masquerade ball!! Decided with another bestie to get her most recent feature in a major industry publication framed as a gift. Now to think about the packaging! **thinking face emoji!**

I was fabric shopping down in the Fashion District when I saw this African themed black and white panel. I initially passed it then double-backed like the Tin Man passing the Cowardly Lion in The Wiz! (The Wiz is my favorite movie and many lessons can be garnered from it! I will be referencing it repeatedly going forward!) EUREKA, I thought! Black and White! And bonus: she can keep the fabric to wear as a head wrap afterward! I scurried my little legs into the shop and asked for one panel and then was met with the dilemma of them having both a white on black AND a black on white motif! It was way too much pressure so I got both! (This is how I will end up on Fabric Hoarders folks. When in doubt, get it all!!! ALLLLLLLL!!) I grabbed my goods and hopped next door to get a few yards of a thick velvety ribbon and scurried my very satisfied self home! It took a little too long to decide on the white on black motif but I can only say that it made my eyes dance the most. Center, fold, fold, wrap, tuck, flip, tie bow and DONE! Heart eyes emoji, no?!?

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Love love love. The wrapping paper is essentially a gift too!


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